Managed Backups

Cyber Solutions offers a full-service managed backup solution.  Our managed backup solution supports traditional on-premise servers, workstations, and laptops.  Beyond this, we backup cloud servers and services, such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Dropbox, Google Workspace, and many more.   Contact Us at today for a FREE 30-day no obligation trial.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

Q: I am worried about my backups getting deleted or encrypted by ransomware?

A: Our backups are non-chained, air-gapped, and immutable from each other.  So ransomware cannot delete or encrypted previously backed up data.

Q: I am worried about using a lot of online disk space?

A: Don’t worry our software application uses state-of-the-art compression and deduplication to minimize the amount of disk space you use and eliminating the need for a lot of internet bandwidth.

Q: Do I need to buy more equipment?

A: No, our direct to cloud option requires no equipment, as our managed backup solution is software based.  Yet, depending on your organization’s recovery time objectives hardware maybe required for faster restore times in the event of complete lost of equipment or data.

Q: How often do I need to upgrade the online backup software?

A: The software upgrades are done automatically as long as your server, workstation, or laptop has access to the internet. There is no more need to worry about upgrading anymore.

Q: I don’t know what to backup to make sure all my information is protected?

A: We manage all your backup the same.  We monitor all backup jobs daily for failures and take the necessary steps to restore them to good backups again.  This ensures your information is protected correctly.

Q: How do I managed my backups?

A: The backups are managed thru a very simple and secure web page requiring multifactor authentication, and backups and restores are password protected.

Q: How is my information protected on the internet?

A: Your information is protected by AES 265-bit encryption before it even leaves your device.

Q: I would like to become a reseller and offer this service, so do you have reseller pricing?

A: Yes, Cyber Solutions offers reseller pricing on all of our products and services.

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